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Most recent answer: 11/26/2010
light is made up (composed) of many things,like anything is,don't concentrate on the "light" alone, light is fused in many ways and ways scientist dont know, example, anti matter, makes up 70%-80% of the mass (weight) of the KNOWN universe scientists know this must be the case, however scientists cant detect or pick up or study or see dark matter with our technology so can they prove anything about this being connected to light, keep reading, dont no a thing about it, and there desperately trying to, hers proof of lights mass, look it up yourself, its one with space/time or light if you will call it that if you like, light is many things, plants animals are all partially light to a degree, if gravity which is relievedly weak can push light, light must contain a mass,and gravity does effect light and if it did not light would not have mass, gravity effects mass only, simple as call the light mass what you like but just say you split light, its energy would thus split making gravity take a bigger effect on its weakened state causing it to slow down more, thus why time moves slower the closer you get to earth surface coz of space time connection and gravity being stronger close to earth and why large hadron collider particle travelling only NEAR speed of light only needed NEAR light speed to be 1 second particle time to 30 of seconds earth time is coz tho time/light space is connected when light/time is divided its mass weakens, eg. small planet getting thrown around by big planet, the smaller the planet the more it gets thrown around, light splits constantly also and weakens but still to fast to measure, thus dont have to go speed of light to surpass it coz when it divides it will stay constant but light equaling time and a mass even though the speed stays constant its mass is slowed down thus einstein saying time relative to the beholder, that light speed is not the same on the moon where there is less gravity,on the moon they are saying , hey your light speeds a bit slow to us, lessen the mass it slows down in the gravity thus enabling you to travel to future without going speed of light coz light=time but coz that includes also mass, slow light mass, slow time, thus why closer to earth slower the time is, speed of light is then slowed by its counterpart MASS, gravity slows light due to its mass and splitting light weakens further more, i figured thaat 1 my self what u gonna say bout that slut dont listen to someone just of degree, when he cant explain he throws in one of Einsteins equations which hasn't even been solved like me saying, oh the YAW control on a 4WD car splits the pneumatic ability of the centrifuge of the differential component to E(=O862354[ when u can say it send power away from a wheel thats about to lose traction from over power, hes a monkey like you trying to be smart, 5000 years ago a man which is what you are unless your a girl figured out the power of the sun to within 10 kw of power with a piece of ice and i doubt scientist then would agree coz he would of know the sun was circular just think for yourself with the knowledge you ascertain or ignore all. scientist only jst realizd univrse was created, wow i thought it poped out of thin air if a brain cant air cld shorly science dont no shit all, r u real, r u truman show?
- far q (age 99)
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I'm not sure if this is intended as an argument against the legalization of methamphetamine, or if it was meant to be a WikiAnswer but accidentally got submitted here as a question.

Mike  W.

(published on 11/26/2010)

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