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Q & A: anti-matter intro

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Most recent answer: 05/29/2010
I was curious in regards to Theoretical Physics in reference to Anti-Matter which is meaningless in terms of its name; However, I have read that if antimatter were to make contact with matter a destructive energy (heat, light..., etc) would be released? Is this at all plausible? Just Curious.
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- Michael (age 29)
Levittown, Pa
Anti-matter is just like ordinary matter except that for each anti-particle the electrical charge (and the "charges" associated with the nuclear forces) is exactly opposite to that for the matter particle. So when a particle and its anti-particle combine, their energies add up but the charges cancel. What comes out can be any other sort of particle-antiparticle combination whose energies add up to be the same as the starting energy.  When a positron annihilates with an electron, usually two or three photons are emitted.

There's nothing more or less destructive about that output (say some light, or an electron-positron pair, etc) than any other little burst of energy.

This whole process is not just possible but routine, both at accelerators and from cosmic rays.

Mike W.
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(published on 05/29/2010)

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