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Q & A: pertuum mobile?

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Most recent answer: 03/15/2010
What is the main source of energy behind the continuous movement of electrons within the atom. Ideally it is impossible to create a 100% efficient motor , which means that due to loss of energy some day electrons will stop moving, unless they get energy from external source.If that is the case what is that external source? Here i want to mention that in Indian scripture it is said that GOD is every where - and for that to happen there should be a medium which allow GOD to be in every where.It seems through this mysterious medium GOD is continuously supplying energy to each electrons and for that matter some sort of information also as each electrons has a pattern of movement.
- Gulbinder
An atom is not a motor. It's not transmitting energy from one mechanical form to another. The atoms which just keep going in an unchanging way are already in their ground states- the lowest possible energy available for those ingredients.

This has simply nothing to do with the thermodynamic efficiency limits. It's very much part of the standard thermodynamic account of equilibrium.

Mike W.

(published on 03/15/2010)

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