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Q & A: Why is my winshield fogged in the morning?

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Most recent answer: 02/23/2010
Some times my windshield will be fogged on the inside of my vehicle when I get ready to leave from work (cars been sitting 8 hrs.) I look at the other vehicles in the parking lot and it appears that mine is the only one fogged. It's a hassle because I have to wait for the defrosters to clear the windshield. Why is this happening?
- Mickey (age 61)
Michigan City, IN
Been there, done that.  Fogging occurs when very humid air meets up with a cold surface.  Humid air occurs when you have lots of moist items around; the moisture evaporates and saturates the air inside your car.   I started leaving my car window open just a crack. It seemed to help.  This allows the outside air to mix with the air inside the car and equalize the humidity.  Make sure you don't have any wet items laying around in the back seat.


(published on 02/23/2010)

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