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Q & A: Is superlight for real?

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Most recent answer: 09/17/2009
I read an interesting article on Superlight. You can see for yourself by googleing Superlight and clicking on: Dr. John V. Milewski - Presents, The Wonderful World of Advanced or by going to his website at: He describes Supelight as emanating from infinite and PUSHing close-by masses together which we perceive as gravitational pull or attraction. Could you please read the section of his article labeled SUPERLIGHT AND GRAVITY and comment? Are you aware of other alternative gravity theories along these lines?
- Mehran
Miami, FL, US
In my opinion, no.    Mr. Milewski's article makes no sense to me.  There is no experimental scientific evidence presented.  No publication in a reputable scientific journals exists. 


It's an old idea discussed many years ago somewhere by Feynman, who explained why it can't work.

Mike W.

I took another look. It's even worse than we said. This alleged 'superlight' is supposed to travel at "the speed of light squared'. The author does not realize that that isn't even a speed. It has the wrong units (distance2/time2, not distance/time). He gets some crazy number by picking a particular set of units, but he could get any number he wants by picking different units. This particular error (getting wrong dimensions for an answer, like giving a mass instead of a length) is the first thing we warn freshman about.  MW

(published on 09/17/2009)

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