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Q & A: Current flow vs. electron flow

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Most recent answer: 03/22/2009
Why does current flow in opposite direction to the direction of flow electrons?
- Prudhvi Raj Borra` (age 16)
 Benjamin Franklin performed experiments around 1750 and proposed a theory of electricity that positive charge was an excess of a certain quantity and negative charge was a deficit of the same quantity.  His definition of the positive algebraic sign of the quantity was that which was left on a glass rod when rubbed with the fur of a cat.   Furthermore, current was defined at the flow of the charge from the rabbit fur to the glass rod.   We now know that the excess charge on the glass rod is composed of electrons, hence, the source of your confusion.    It's simply a matter of definition.   Blame Ben Franklin.
See:     for a discussion.


(published on 03/22/2009)

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