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Q & A: body/ocean resonance

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Most recent answer: 05/16/2013
need some truth on a maybe myth! i was once told that the natural resonance of our body matched that of the sea/ocean wavelengths and this is why it makes us break into sickness. Hmm, now 4 Ohms sticks in my mind as a resonant figure too.So truth or myth? Look forward to your reply . Marc
- marc (age 45)
york, england uk
I've never heard of this relationship.  According to microseismic geophysical measurements the common frequency of ocean waves is about 150 mHz, about 1 wave every 7 seconds.   This is pretty much the same world wide.   I know of no body rhythmic cycle of this nature. 

By the way, an Ohm is a unit of electrical resistance and has nothing to do with ocean or bodily frequencies.


Rumor has it that motion sickness arises because the balance signals from the inner ear don't match the expected signals from visual cues. In our evolutionary environment, if two sensory systems gave contradictory results, then the probable causes would be either brain injury (e.g. a tumor) or more likely poisoning from some food source (e.g. plants with alkaloids). In the former case, you're probably done for no matter what. In the latter case, you're more likely to survive if you throw up.
There are bits of evidence to support this. People tend to get less car sick riding in the front, keeping good visual track of the motion. Nibbling very familiar comfort foods, say M and M's, with no bitter taste resembling common toxins, also tends to reduce motion sickness. /Mike W.

(published on 05/16/2013)

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