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Q & A: Bermuda triangle

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Most recent answer: 03/07/2009
mistry of baramuda traingle?
- megha singh- 12
ranchi jharkhand
To the best of our knowledge there is no mystery of the Bermuda triangle. Some planes have crashed there, as you would expect in any area with air traffic and spotty weather. Some people have made money off books about a great mystery. That's also something you might expect.

Mike W.

(published on 07/06/2008)

Follow-Up #1: bermuda debunked

Baramuda Triangle is situated in sargaso sea which is situated in atlantic ocean. here biomass of sargaso grass which is oceanic grass doposited at the base of oceankc floor base that may caused magnetic effect, that may cause crush of matallic craft or ships across near by this area.
- Md. Aquil Bashar
purnia Bihar India
Large magnetic fields are very easily measurable. If there were anything odd there, it would be easy to tell. At any rate, old grass is about the worst material you can imagine to make a strong magnet out of.
Mike W.

(published on 03/07/2009)

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