How to Test for NaCl Content?

Most recent answer: 10/02/2015

How do I prove that an aqueous (H20) solution of dilute hypochlorous acid (HOCl 100 ppm) does not contain sodium chloride or at least very little?
- Laura Louis (age 53)
Boise, ID, US

That an aqueous solution contains NaCl means it has Na cations and Cl anions dissolved in water, regardless of what compound they come from. If you prepare this solution using tap water, unfortunately you will have some Na and Cl ions as well as many other ions, so you theoretically will have some NaCl. The amounts of solutes can be quantified by analytical chemistry methods, I think most typical approach in this case is to do a cation-exchange ion chromatography to test how much [Na+] you have:


(published on 10/02/2015)