Properties of Graphite

Most recent answer: 03/02/2014

Hello Champaign/Urbana..I used to work for WCIA-TV and WILL-TV some years back. I have a question no one seems to be able to answer.What would I need to do to excite a small piece of graphite from a lead pencil in order to makes the atomic strucdture release and the solid graphite disinegrate into an pile of individual flakes or atomes?
- Kirt Salisbury (age 80)
Vista, CA USA

Hi Kirt,

As you probably know, graphite is the most stable form of carbon that exists, even more stable than diamond.  The only thing you can do with it is to break it up into smaller and smaller pieces.   I recommend a ball peen hammer or a mortar and pestle.



(published on 03/02/2014)