Weighing Magnets

Most recent answer: 06/25/2015

There is a difference between the weights in weighing a strong magnet from different poldirections . why is it from ?it is not from polarization because that only increase the weight from every direction .nor from earth magnetic field as magnetic flow.Is it gravitational(which I have researched during my Life as the attachment article ‘electro-gravitational effect ‘)?would you please answer me reasonable.I need your help
- mohammadi.s.m (age 64)

It's not at all a gravitational effect.  Here's what I think is happening. Depending on the orientation of the magnet, its interaction energy with the Earth's field is either positive or negative. By itself, that makes no force on the magnet if the field is uniform near the magnet. Various pieces of steel etc. nearby can make the field a little non-uniform. So the magnet energy depends a bit on where it is. That means there's some magnetic force on it.  That can change the scale reading a bit. 

Mike W.

(published on 06/25/2015)