Is There an Anti-graviton?

Most recent answer: 12/29/2014

Hi!I was just wondering if there is an anti-graviton. I know that gravitons are only theoretical particles so there's not much knowledge on them but speaking theoretically if there would be an anti-graviton would the they be just be the same thing like a graviton (Like in the case of photons) or would they be the opposite of gravitons? Also if they were to collide with each other would they annihilate each other or fuse. I' don't have much knowledge on these topics so please forgive my mistakes.Regards,Ahmed
- Ahmed (age 13)

Hello Ahmed,

According to the latest theories there should be a graviton.  An anti-graviton, if it existed, would have the identical properties of the graviton.  No existing experiment has proved conclusively that these particles exist but improvements to current detectors such as VIRGO  and LIGO should be up and running within a year or so. 

If you type antiparticles into the search box you can find other comments on this subject.


The experiments looking at details of the cosmic microwave background may succeed in finding a signal due to the specifically quantum nature of the graviton, rather than just the general gravitational wave properties. The BICEP2 group thought they'd seen this signal, but it looks as if they were mistaken. Several experiments are looking now with greater sensitivity. 

(published on 12/29/2014)