Danger of Electrical Shock From 12 Volt Battery?

Most recent answer: 03/11/2014

Suppose I got to sea on a canoe fitted with an electrical motor which is connect to a 12 volts battery with 100 amps and the boat topples over. will I be electrocuted or get an electric shock that can kill me or injure me badly ?
- meril (age 31)

Hello Meril,

It turns out that the danger of death from electrical shock is related to the amount current passing through the body.  Since the current is proportional to the voltage divided by the circuit resistance you have to consider all of the parameters.   If you have wet, salty hands and grab hold of the terminals of a 12 Volt battery, there is a significant danger of severe shock or even death in certain cases.  I suspect that in an overturned canoe one wouldn't do that.  



(published on 03/11/2014)