What is the Electric Resistance of Human Body?

Most recent answer: 07/27/2011

What is the electric resistance of human body in ohm
- Amit kumar (age 17)
Ranchi jharkhand
This is not an easy question to answer because it depends on the conditions. The total resistance is the sum of several terms.  First and foremost is the resistance of the skin.  This, in itself, depends on whether or not the skin is wet or dry or salty or ...  An additional resistance is that of the internal body itself and the length of the transmission path. 
I got out my trusty ohm-meter and measured a few values. Grabbing the electrodes in two hands I got 1 MegOhm or so.   I then wet my fingers with saliva and measured 125KOhm.  As a final test I stuck the electrodes in my mouth and the resistance was only a few KOhm. 
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(published on 07/27/2011)