Wall Braces for an Outdoor Camera

Most recent answer: 11/20/2013

I'm installing an outdoor dome camera. the wall mount is a pendant, rectangle base 8.3" high and 6.3" wide. 4 bolts in each corner. Total weight to be held is 30lbs, including the mount. Theinside wall is wood and must be reinforced to hold the device. For inside reinforcement, would vertical or horzontal bracing be better. i.e. one 2x4 holding either the top 2 bolts (horizontal) or one holding the right/left 2 bolts(vertical). The inside braces will be attached at each end to a solid portion of the roof beams. Just need the best strength. Or does it matter? Thanks Matt
- Matt Goodwin (age 64)

Hi Matt,

Without knowing the details of your interior wall, I would go with the vertical bracing.  The major torque component is in this direction.  



(published on 11/20/2013)