Deflection of Images by a Magnetic Field

Most recent answer: 11/05/2013

what happens when you take picture of electromagnetic coil or rod (some material)which has strong magnetic field around it ( using X ray machine or Gamma Ray camera)? why i asked you this question because i heard that a lot radiation which tries to enter earths atmosphere is deflected by earths magnetic field , in the same manner does the magnetic field deflect the radiation coming from the camera (gamma ray) ?
- gatti (age 23)
hyderabad, andhra pradesh, india

Although magnetic fields deflect charged particles, they do not deflect light rays or  gamma rays.  The reason is that there is a force on a moving charged particle due to a magnetic field.   No charge, no force, no deflection.
Many cosmic ray particles are charged electrons, especially from the sun.  These indeed will be deflected.


(published on 11/05/2013)