Magnetic Field of a Truncated Pryamid

Most recent answer: 08/20/2013

I theoretically have a pyramid magnet with 4 " square base, 4" height, and 1" square to . This magnet is composed of grade n50 neodymium. The north pole of this magnet is the base the south pole is the top. Is there a formula that can calculate the field strength in gauss as a measurable average over the area at the top and bottom of the pyramid? Without actually producing the physical magnet in question. ..
- David D. (age 49)

Hi David D,

I haven't seen a specific formula for this problem.  If it existed it would be complicated.  However, the problem is tractable.   You need to do a numerical integration over the volume. I write programs in Matlab for my own obscure problems.  If you Google 'magnetic field calculator' you can find some apps that will give the fields for rectangles, disks, etc.   By adding up the results for several of these you can get a fair approximation to the actual field.



(published on 08/20/2013)

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