Which bar is the Magnet? (revisited)

Most recent answer: 11/26/2012

Is it possible to find another solution for this magnet puzzle ? "You are in a room with no metal objects except for two iron rods. Only one of them is a magnet. How can you identify which one is a magnet? Solution: You can hang the iron rods on a string and watch which one turns to the north (or hang just one rod). Gardner gives one more solution: take one rod and touch with its end the middle of the second rod. If they get closer, then you have a magnet in your hand.The real magnet will have a magnetic field at its poles, but not at its center. So as previously mentioned, if you take the iron bar and touch its tip to the magnet’s center, the iron bar will not be attracted." ?????
- Kalvin (age 16)
We have published several solutions.  Type which bar is the magnet into the search box to find them.


(published on 11/26/2012)

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