Electromagnetic Motors and Free Energy

Most recent answer: 10/28/2012

Do free energy magnetic motors exist? I have seen many videos of demonstrations of magnetic motors, but there were many points saying that it is a scam and magnetic motors are impossible to build. If the motors are possible to build, then is it possible that the magnetic motors will replace the electric motors we have now and provide the same efficiency of work but with much lower cost?
- Cynthia (age 14)
Vancouver, Canada
All ordinary "electric" motors in fact use both electricity and magnetism. Good ones are over 90% efficient already.

I think that you're asking about various schemes that claim to extract energy from the vacuum using magnets, without needing any other input power. These are scams, pure and simple. They violate the basic physical laws of conservation of energy and no decrease of entropy.

Mike W.

(published on 10/28/2012)