Multiple Forces on a Body

Most recent answer: 10/14/2012

When drawing a free body diagram for this question: During a snapshot, a hockey stick pushes a hockey puck forward over "smooth" ice. What forces would be affecting the hockey puck? I'm assuming one is gravitational force, but when there is applied force on the hockey puck, it'll be going forward right? But, on top of that, there's also the force of friction. My question is, can there be two forces affecting an object the same time. I do not know if the answer is obvious, but.. I'm confused!
- Amu (age 16)
ON, Canada
Hello Amu,
Yes there can be more than one force acting on a body.  The resultant force is a vector sum of the individual forces and then according to Newton the acceleration is a = F/m


(published on 10/14/2012)

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