Magnetic Shields?

Most recent answer: 05/16/2013

Wood, paper, glass and plastic 1/2" thick are placed between a magnet and a paper clip set consistently a small distance apart. The paper clip is pulled away and the distance it maintained the magnetic attraction before it drops is measured. Would the measurement be less when comparing the magnetic force measured when these materials are placed between the magnet and the paper clip, com3pared to no material or in other words "air."? Exact Question---When materials(ex,glass, plastic, paper and wood) are placed between a magnet and a paper clip at a consistent small distance and the paper clip is pulled away with the distance measured when it falls, will the distance be smaller when compared to no materials or in other words to air?? Is it possible for the materials to interfere a very small amount compared to air?? Thanks, Maggie
- Maggie Allen (age 12)
raleigh, nc usa
It certainly is. Each of those material is very weakly magnetized in the presence of a field. So each produces a field which slightly changes the field on the paper clip. These effects are very tiny and I doubt if they would be noticeable in a home experiment.

Mike W.

(published on 05/16/2013)