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Q & A: water from dehumidifier

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Most recent answer: 01/08/2016
Is water from a dehumidifier similar to deionized water and therefore useful for cleaning windows and stones and monuments in old churches? I am mostly interested in the latter as am involved with the restoration and cleaning of a 14th century church.Thanks John Martin
- John Martin (age 71)

That sounds like a good idea to try. The cold coils in the dehumidifer should cause any gases in the air with low-ish vapor pressures to condense. In practice, that would usually be almost pure water. Whether many ions leach from the coils or the bucket to then contaminate the water is hard to say without doing a measurement. If you happen to have a conductivity meter available you could compare the conductivity to that of deionized water and tap water to see where it stands. Otherwise, why not just try it first on a small patch and see how it does?

Mike W.

(published on 01/08/2016)

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