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Q & A: what water evaporates fastest?

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Most recent answer: 11/06/2015
For science project I want to prove that rain water will evaporate faster than, spring water,tap water and ocean water. Ive started the project but each container has evaporated equally so far. Would there be more salt in rainwater closer to a large body of salt water since I am close to the gulf of Mexico? if not how can I explain why theres not difference?
- Alex (age 10)
Crystal River Florida

The great thing about experiments is that they can tell you something about the world even if it's not what you want to show. This experiment tells you that water from these different sources evaporates at nearly the same rate. Why not believe it?

That said, I'm surprised about the ocean water. As you say, it has lots of salt in it. That makes it harder for the water to evaporate. I wonder how the experiment will go as you let more evaporate.

As far as the rainwater goes, it shouldn't have much salt in it. There are ways to test that. One way would be to let the water keep evaporating, maybe in a warm spot, and see if there's any salt left behind.

Mike W.

(published on 11/06/2015)

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