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Q & A: preventing water evaporation

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Most recent answer: 05/19/2013
I would like to know how can I prevent the water in base of the toilet from evaporating? I have a holiday flat that is kept close for 4 month during very hot weather conditions. Fear if water evaporates that can give a clear Channel for mice or even rats, heard awfull stories. Please help or kind me to what if any solution to retard the water from evaporating. Thank you
- Leila (age 59)

This sounds like an important practical problem. I think the simplest thing to do would be to cover the toilet bowl with a thick sheet of plastic. You could just use a few layers of trash bag plastic. You could improve the seal with some simple flexible glue, which should be easy to remove from the porcelain when you return. Pouring a thick layer of oil on top of the water would also slow evaporation a lot, but might attract some animals.

Mike W.

(published without checking while Lee is in Marrakesh.)

(published on 05/19/2013)

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