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Q & A: boiling point of salty water

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Most recent answer: 10/11/2017
Hi there, I was asking about the boiling point of salty water, I searched a lot but I didn't find an accurate answer. The thing I need is the boiling point of ' Salty water' in general. I looked for some answers on this site, I partially find it!! But they always say that it depends on the amount of salt used. - Thanks for your time.
- Yussuf (age 15)
TA, Amman, Jordan

The boiling point depends on how much salt there is per unit of water. For low salt concentrations, the boiling point goes up linearly with the salt concentration. For higher salt concentrations, the interactions between the salt ions reduce the effect somewhat below the linear trend.

For a quantitative formula you can use over a range of different salt concentrations, see
for a good starting point. It has a formula, some of the needed constants, and references to other sources for the activity of water at different salt concentrations. I think that should suffice, but please follow up if needed.

Mike W.

(published on 03/24/2012)

Follow-Up #1: boiling point elecvation

What is it in numbers?
- Paul (age 11)

Our old link to numerical info got lost accidentally in an automated purge after a cyber attack. I've replaced it with one that should get you what you need.

Mike W.

(published on 10/11/2017)

Follow-up on this answer.