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Q & A: Can you boil water with ice?

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Most recent answer: 09/08/2011
Can you boil water with ice.
- Josh (age 16)
Unionville Mo USA
Hi Josh,

The last time I tried it the water got cold.   Seriously though, if you put dry ice in water it looks as if it's boiling but that is just the dry-ice, really solid carbon dioxide, turning into the gaseous phase and making bubbles.  The net effect is to cool the water.


You could do it indirectly. You could run a heat engine off the temperature difference between the ice and the room, say using a thermoelectric cell to generate current. The current from that cell could then be used to drive some sort of electric heater to boil a little water. 

Mike W,

(published on 09/08/2011)

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