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Q & A: puffing puri

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Most recent answer: 07/23/2011
1.Why does a puri balloons up in the hot oil? 2.which is warmer during winter,well water or sea water? Sir,can you please answer my question!I couldn't find the ans.
- phymathfreak (age 17)
1. I'm not sure, but the obvious reason would be that traces of water in the puri get hot enough to vaporize. That causes their volume to expand by about a factor of 1000.

2. This must depend on which sea and, to a lesser extent, which well. If the well is at least a couple of meters deep, the temperature shouldn't depend much on the season. Around here, I think the temperature would be roughly 15C. The temperature of sea water varies a lot from place to place.

Mike W.

(published on 07/23/2011)

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