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Q & A: condensation on computer

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Most recent answer: 10/19/2017
Environment: In this part of Sweden (where I live) we have cold weather with very high humidity something like bitween 70% to 100% (regards to weather reports). Temperature in summer time is about 22C and in winter time usually is -25C but it is possible to -35C also.I am planning to build a small cabinet with wood material with space enough to have two computer in it. Components inside these computer can reach to 80C.So I want to use cold energy from nature to cool down components and my concern is what will happen when cold air with high humidity hit the heatsinks which is very hot. Do I will face with condensation and finally lose components?Bare in mind there is different fans (Air flow and static) which is blowing air to the heatsink to improve cooling effects.
- Daniel

When the computer is hot, you won't get condensation. The problem will come if it's been off for a while, getting cold. Then condensation can form on it as the air warms up, just like dew forms on the ground in the morning. You could also get condenstaion on a cold computer as the air cools down. 

So you want to make sure that there's no moisture on the computer when it's turned on.  You may also need to worry about turning it on when it's very cold, particularly if it has magnetic disks. The following link has what look like good points to me:

Mike W.

(published on 10/19/2017)

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