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Q & A: tea altitude

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Most recent answer: 11/27/2010
i made a cup of green tea at high altitude (on a mountain) and let the tea bag sit in the boiled water for 4 minutes. i made a cup of the same kind of tea (from the same box even) at very low sea level and let the tea bag sit for 4 minutes. the tea i made at high sea level was a lot weaker than the tea i made at low sea level. does that have anything to do with the difference in air pressure? if not, then what IS the cause?
- Anonymous
At higher altitude (lower pressure) water boils at lower temperature. (You can search this site for discussions of why.) So you were using slightly cooler water at high altitude. Things like the rates at which chemicals leach from the tea can be very sensitive to small temperature differences. So it isn't surprising that the high-altitude tea was weak.

Mike W.

(published on 11/27/2010)

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