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Q & A: Research question on pendulums

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Most recent answer: 06/25/2015
Hi, i'm doing a big physics project and i'm supposed to think of a non-trivial research question, investigate it, make a report, etc. So, my question is 'How does the length of a pendulum affect its time period', so my independent variable is the length of the string attached to a ball, my independent variable is the time taken for 20 oscillations of the ball and my constant is the average force I swing the ball with(this is going to be a rough estimate). So, my questions are:1)any guidance/advice that will make this experiment better(or more accurate)2)is the topic too trivial(would i be able to write about 5500 words on it or close)3)I've been carrying out test runs of the experiment(and as i shorten the string, the ball moves faster which is good because that was my hypothesis) but i've been looking for an explanation and I haven't been able to find one...any ideas?,thank you.
- ob (age 17)

Hi Ob

You should first look up some information.   A good start is . Also a historical report of Galileo's thoughts on the subject may be found at .  

Your project sounds interesting and is open for many questions:  frequency vs. length,   frequency vs. mass of the bob,   frequency vs. amplitude.   Let us know your results. 


(published on 06/25/2015)

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