Calculating Acceleration of sea Level Rise

Most recent answer: 12/23/2015

How do you find acceleration when given the times and distances?Background: I'm interested in the rate of change in sea level rise. Tide gauges list a series of years and millimeters.For example:San FranciscoYYYY mm1855 6954 1856 6860 ...2014 7143I'm looking to find an answer in mm/yr�
- Steve Case (age 71)
Milwaukee WI USA

Hello Steve,

What you are looking for is the second derivative or acceleration of a time sequence.  There are plenty of computer programs out there that can do this but it takes some programming and mathematical expertise to use them.  There exist some graphical methods that you can use.   I suggest you Google "how to calculate acceleration" and browse several of the suggested sites.  I'm interested in your results.


(published on 12/23/2015)