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Q & A: Fourier transform of Zernike polynomial

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Most recent answer: 02/11/2015
how to find fourier transform of zernike polynomial in matlab???
- utkarsha (age 22)

I haven't used Matlab for a while, but it does have a very convenient FFT discrete Fourier command. As for the Zernike polynomials, they're just polynomials with defined coefficients, which you can look up:  . (I don't know if they're already in some Matlab package.) I'm not sure what the complication is other than deciding how many points to use on the x-axis. The more points you use, the more accurate the answer. I'd just guess that maybe 100*the order of the polynomial should be good for many purposes. You could try increasing the number of points just to make sure it doesn't matter much.

Mike W.

Try   LeeH


(published on 02/11/2015)

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