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Q & A: Can you approximate continuous movement with finite steps?

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Most recent answer: 12/09/2014
If a particle is at point A and moves to point B in space, how does it move even a bit if you could infinitely say it was at this many places in between ex. you could keep zooming in and say it was in the middle between here and in the middle of here and ect. infinitely, so are particles dots then that if seen cannot cut in two and move from side to side one space ten? Or do they refresh to location from accordingly to their speed? Keeping in mind that, if they move over one space and are dots, then if we sped up our conscious moments per second to the number of spaces light goes per second then the particle would have a limit we would see because it only stays and leaves each space it moves to the side to at fastest speed-stay time being 1 frame of our highest sped up conscious moments it would be. Where as refreshing, if the photon particles keep increasing the speed, could just refresh it to a further or even further location when moving.
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Congratulations!   You have rediscovered one of Zeno's paradoxes, that of Achilles and the tortoise.    It is an old philosophical discussion of what is movement and how do you approximate it with an infinite series of finite steps.  Try reading . 




(published on 12/09/2014)

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