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Q & A: freezing salt water and sugar water

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Most recent answer: 11/15/2014
Would sugar water or saltwater freeze faster? My friend and I are doing a science fair project about it and we think saltwater would freeze faster. We would like a second opinion on the mater! Can you help? Please respond ASAP. Thanks so much!
- Kara and Britney (age 13)
West Virginia

We don't know. It depends on how much salt and sugar are in the solutions.  Generally it's pretty easy to figure out what the freezing temperatures are if you know those concentrations but very hard to figure out the rates. They depend on the temperature of the freezer and even on things like the shape of the cups. We have many other answers on freezing saltwater and sugar water, so you can search the site for those discussions, using "freezing sugar water" and "freezing saltwater" as search terms. 

Meanwhile, actually doing the experiment doesn't take long!

Mike W.


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(published on 11/15/2014)

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