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Q & A: Bottle rocket safety

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Most recent answer: 09/16/2014
I am in Science Olympiad and one of my projects is to make a bottle rocket.My teacher says that it has to be a two liter soda bottle and it has to be launched at 60 psi but I don't know what it means.HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Nicole (age 12)
holly springs north carolina USA

Hi Nicole,

Bottle rockets need pressure in order to work.   Pressure is related to compressed air or other gas and is measured in units of psi or pounds per square inch.  Ordinary auto and bicycle tires have air compressed into them in order to provide for a smooth ride.  When unleashed, the pressure inside a bottle rocket will expel liquid out the the nozzle and provide a rocket-type thrust. 

There are always safety concerns.   Here is a site from NASA that will explain a few things:



(published on 09/16/2014)

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