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Q & A: Forces of drag in automobiles

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Most recent answer: 07/21/2014
Hypothetically, what would be the energy (in joules) required to maintain a specific car (described below) at 50 mph on a flat concrete surface for 1 mile. The specifics of the car are as follows: Total weight: 205 lbs rolling resistance: 0.0025 drag coefficient: 0.14 Frontal Surface area: 13.295 sq ft It also might make a difference that the car only has three wheels, 2 in front and 1 centered in back. The back wheel is also spherical with a 2 ft diameter. The front wheels are standard size. If you could include the calculations used, that would be very helpful.
- Patrick O (age 20)
Arlington, TX, USA

Hello Patrick O,

All of the formulas you need may be found at .



(published on 07/21/2014)

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