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Q & A: Strong and weak forces of quarks

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Most recent answer: 04/07/2014
Of the 6 flavour of quarks; up/down; strange/charm; top/bottom, which pair has the strongest of the weak forces. I assume up/down as they are found in the nucleus of protons and neutrons. Is this correct. Many thanks for your help.
- Eileen (age 54)

Hello Eileen,

The strong forces among different quarks are all of the same strength.   The weak forces between quarks and leptons are also all the same although, of course,  much much weaker.  The weak force allows the change of quark flavor by emitting a W or Z boson which can then decay into a lepton and neutrino.   This is the mechanism of beta-decay for example.   See     or for some detailed explanations.



(published on 04/07/2014)

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