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Q & A: Are there subatomic particle other than protons, neutrons, electrons?

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Most recent answer: 12/28/2013
do you think that there is/are any subatomic particle other than protons, neutrons, electrons?????
- adnan (age 15)

Dear Adnan,

Yes there are many others.  There is a whole family of leptons, similar in many properties to electrons. Some of the particles are thought to be made of smaller constituents called quarks.  All of these can be produced and studied at high energy accelerators such as at Fermilab in the US and the LHC Collider at CERN, Switzerland.   The field is broad and we can't do justice to it in this limited space.   I recommend that you visit the Wikipedia article at   for a more complete description.  You can follow up with more detailed questions.



(published on 12/28/2013)

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