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Q & A: Can vectors be associated with mass?

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Most recent answer: 08/19/2013
I'd like to know: a) Can vectors somehow be associated with areas? (why or why not?) b) Can vectors somehow be associated with mass ? ( why or why not?) * i'm asking this question because in my classroom a teacher has said that we can associate a vector with this unit: area, but we can't associate a vector with mass. At that moment he gave us a doubtfull explanation which let us confused(particularly i don't trust this "truth").
- Uemerson (age 23)

A vector has to point in some direction.  You can construct a vector for an area by considering it as a perpendicular to a small element of area.    Mass on the other hand doesn't point in any particular direction.  One can associate a vector with mass if it has a velocity.  One then calls the combination momentum, a legitimate vector.


(published on 08/19/2013)

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