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Q & A: Surface Temperature of the Sun

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Most recent answer: 01/28/2013
what is the sun's surface tempreture?
- annie sanchez zabala (age 41)

The temperature of the outermost layer of the Sun - the photosphere - is about 6000 degrees Celsius. We get this temperature from analyzing the blackbody radiation from the Sun, and relating its spectrum to temperature.

Keep in mind that the Sun has layers to it (photosphere, chromosphere, internal structures and so on) that have varying temperatures. The reason the Sun is opaque is because these different layers scatter light traveling through them by electron scattering and absorption/re-emission. This means any light that is created in the Sun, or passing through the Sun will be scattered, and take tens of thousands of years to escape.  is a link to the Sun's wikipedia page, if you're feeling curious.


(published on 01/28/2013)

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