Are all Stars Like the Sun?

Most recent answer: 09/06/2015

Hello, Im 14 and love to watch you tube videos about Space because the stuff I learn just amazes me. Many think this is odd since im the typical "Bad Kid" who smokes weed and hates school which in all reality that dosent make me a bad kid. But anyways my question is which you would think I would know this but I dont. Are all stars like our sun? Just a big gas giant that is very very hot.
- Gage Turner (age 14)
El Dorado, KS

No, the Sun isn't especially unusual but there are other types of stars. For example, red dwarves, not as hot as the Sun, and somewhat smaller, are more common than Sun-like stars. There are also neutron stars, extremely dense compared to any material in our solar system. There are black holes, which have collapsed out of contact with the outside world. 

This site () has a more complete and detailed discussion of various star types.

Mike W.

(published on 09/06/2015)