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Q & A: Why hasn't the Higgs been found yet?

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Most recent answer: 06/25/2012
If the mass of the Higgs particle is believed to be 125 Gev, how come it has taken this long to see since already discovered top quark is more massive, 175 GeV?
- Chris Cain (age 57)
Salt Lake, UT
Hello Chris,  good question.

First of all both the Top and the Higgs are really, really hard to see.  The production cross sections are similar, around 6 to 10 picobarns.  The main problem with the Higgs is that there are many different decay channels and any one of them has an enormous amount of background.   My own  opinion is that the Higgs discovery will be announced very soon. Both CERN and Fermilab groups have reported hints, but not at the gold standard 5 sigma level. Even now, June 26, 2012, the CERN  groups are preparing to reveal their most recent results before the summer conferences.


(published on 06/25/2012)

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