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Q & A: What is the Duane-Hunt limit?

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Most recent answer: 03/23/2012
What is Duane-Hunt limit?How is it useful in x-ray spectroscopy?
- sankaracharyulu (age 48)
karaikal ,puducherry,india
The D-H limit is simply a consequence of the conservation of energy.   X-rays are produced by energetic electrons when they undergo de-acceleration.  The lost energy of the electrons can be converted into photons.  The frequency of these photons is related to their energy loss by f=E/h where f is the frequency, E is the energy loss, and h is Planks constant.  Since the maximum energy loss of the electron is eV, where V is the accelerating voltage, and e is the charge on an electron, the maximum frequency f=eV/h (and correspondingly the minimum wavelength) of the Duane-Hunt limit follows.  
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(published on 03/23/2012)

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