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Q & A: Number of g's in rotating space station

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Most recent answer: 06/09/2011
Space Stations Consider a space station spherical in shape with a mass of 5.869(10)^6 kg and volume of 6.8(10)^12 m^3. It rotates around its vertical axis so that the speed on the surface of the sphere is ~83 m/s. What is g felt on the surface of the sphere? -using V=(4/3)PiR^3 -> R = 11,645 m -knowing that the force produced will be the centripetal force, we have F= v^2/r .: (82)^2 / 11,645 = o.58 m/s^2 .: g(on surface) = 0.58/9.81 = 0.06 g's on surface Is my analysis correct? Ken
- Ken Baratko (age 65)
Dear Ken,



(published on 06/09/2011)

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