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Q & A: tricks with date digits

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Most recent answer: 01/19/2011
Why is this always 111??? This year will experience 4 unusual dates.1/1/11, 1/11/11, 11/1/11....Take the last 2 digits of the year you was born plus the age you WILL BE this yr will= 111
- Jason (age 34)
Keyser Wv USA
Ok, this is some very simple math, disguised to seem like magic. Try this one. Say I was born in the year 2001, so the last two digits of my birth year would be 01. In the year 2011, I should be (so after I had my birthday) 10 years old. 1+10=11, NOT 111. In fact, the only time this is valid, is if you were born in the years 1900-1999. In that range, being born one year later adds a year to the last two digits of your birth year and subtracts one from your age at the end of 2011. So of course the sum of those two numbers doesn't change.  There is really nothing special going on here, just a coincidence that we're in a year whose last two digits are both ones ones.

Chris F. +mbw

(published on 01/19/2011)

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