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Most recent answer: 10/22/2007
What can you tell me about position, distance, and speed?
- Anonymous
PCMS, Jasper, Georgia USA
Position is just a word for where something is located. For example, you might be considered "in front of the computer". If you decided to base everything else's location from where you are, you could say things like "My computer is 1 foot directly in from me." If someone else know exactly where you are and which way you are facing, then this information tells them where your computer is.

Distance measures how far away things are. (The distance between you and your computer screen may be 1 foot.)

Speed is a measure of how fast something is. It is how far something goes divided by the time it takes. For instance, if you are traveling 100 miles in 2 hours, then your average speed is 50 miles per hour.
(100 miles/2 hours = 50 miles per hour.)

I hope this helps!

(published on 10/22/2007)

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