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Q & A: red light

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Most recent answer: 05/25/2009
why RED light has more wavelength & less frequency.
- Anonymous
People can see a range of frequencies. That's not surprising, since no device can respond to just exactly one frequency. Anyway, there is a broad range of frequencies around , so it pays to be sensitive to a good slice of that range. Of the range we see, there has to be  a low frequency, long wavelength end.
So I guess what you're asking is why we give the sensation we get from that end of the spectrum the name "red", if we happen to speak English. Or maybe you're asking why the subjective sense which we call red comes from the low-frequency part of the spectrum. The name itself is just some accident. The subjective sense is a mystery. It's a famous philosophy exercise to wonder whether you and I even get the same subjective sense from the same type of light.

Mike W.

(published on 05/25/2009)

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