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Q & A: How to get to shore using fish

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Most recent answer: 05/11/2009
A fisherman is stranded in a lake because the motor of his boat has suddenly failed. What should he do to come ashore? Options are: 1.start throwing the fish away from the shore. 2.start throwing the fish away towards the shore. 3. start walking in the boat towards the shore. 4. should lie flat on the boat.
- sushma
Bangalore,karnataka, India
Hello Sushma,
From a practical point of view I would do none of the above. Instead, I would tie the biggest fish to the end of a pole and use it as a paddle to row ashore.   From a pedantic physics teacher's point of view I suppose answer #1 is the correct choice since the backward momentum given by throwing the fish 'away' from shore would give the boat a bit of momentum 'toward' the shore. I suspect that it would take a whole boatload of fish in order to make it back safely.  There are wind and water currents to be considered as well as friction forces. Advice: keep a spare paddle handy.


(published on 05/11/2009)

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