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Q & A: black hole in galaxy

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Most recent answer: 05/16/2013
But the Milky Way is HUGE! It takes light 100,000 years to cross it! So the mass at the center of the galaxy must be incredible. In fact, it is believe that at the center of the galaxy is an object so massive, that nothing, not even light can escape from it. This object is called a black hole. It is believed that at the center of the galaxy is a black hole which has a mass about 1,000,000 or more times that of the sun. These large objects give off huge jets of particles and waves which we can view on earth. this is what i can understand is the center of the Galaxy. But my Question is that, If the center of Galaxy is black hole then how is it possible for all the Galaxy images to be bright in center? Thanks & Regards Adik Chauhan
- Adik Chauhan
That black hole occupies very little volume, so you wouldn't notice it in the images.

Mike W.

(published on 05/16/2013)

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