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Q & A: conserving energy

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Most recent answer: 05/16/2013
Can the use of gravity in combination with boyancy, be used to create cravitational energy without the loss of energy as a result of using bouyant "objects" or bouyant weighted objects as the main energy producer. In other words; If a Wooden Ball was dropped down a contained shaft, and in the process caused the movement of parts to take place, ie. turn a wheel, which turns a shaft, which generates power in a generator. And to replenish the process with the Ball back in position at the top of the shaft by using a fluid filled shaft to "Float" the Ball to the surface. Thus having the Generating Ball ready to fall down the shaft again, without having to use energy in this replenishment process.
- Rick Locchead (age 57)
Howell, Michigan, USA
Nope, the energy required to lift the ball back up in the ideal case is identical to the energy provided as it falls. In practice, some energy always is lost as heat (via friction) so this device would be an energy consumer, not producer.

(published on 05/16/2013)

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